Friday, March 21, 2014

Oakley House ranked 27th in the state

GREENVILLE – Oakley House, 1275 Northview Drive, Greenville, earned its best ranking ever in the Ohio Department of Aging’s Resident Satisfaction Survey. Of the 638 residential care facilities ranked in the survey Oakley House was 27th in the state. According to Debbie Baker, director at Oakley House, survey showed 97.3% resident satisfaction. Baker noted the facility has never been ranked this high in the state before.

Baker came to the assisted living facility and knew immediately she wanted to make it feel more like home. Her first goal was to make sure the staff wanted to be there and wanted to treat the residents like family. The staff is encouraged to get to know each resident personally. Those relationships have changed Oakley House’s way of doing business. Even when employees are taking their day off, it’s not uncommon to find them at facility. Baker said they come in or call to see how the residents are doing.

Baker was looking for a motto to best describe how Oakley House functions and someone suggested “Love Makes our House a Home.” It is a motto the employees have embraced. It is also one that brought new life to the house.

Baker has been in the health care business since 1997 and this job is different from any she has ever had before. “I love it,” she said. “I love coming to work. There is never a dull moment and there is consistently laughter and love.”

There are currently 30 residents filling the 39 beds available at Oakley House. For more information on the facility, call 548-9521.

Staff members celebrated Oakley House’s 97.3% resident satisfaction survey and being ranked 27th in the state.


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